Friday, July 16, 2010

My Kids are the Best

I don't think it – I know it. I love my friends' kids, my nieces and nephews, and all those great kids at church. I even feel some affection for the less groomed little ones I encounter, sometimes way past bedtime, at Walmart. But really, none of them ever stood a chance. None could ever be as lovely, bright, articulate, well-mannered, kind, or charming as my kids. Sorry to the other parents out there, you just have to settle for what you've got.

My younger daughter blew me away today, between her performance at Drama Camp and the fabulous social skills she displayed at lunch afterward. I filled out the form wrong, so she was one to two years younger than the other kids in her camp. After the tryouts the first day, I assumed her role was probably some sort of animated scenery. We were quite surprised when we went to the show to find that she had one of the two major roles in the program. She spoke loud and clear and did a great job conveying the story. I was so proud of her. She knocked it out of the park.

Then we took her to lunch afterward, and ran into a family from one of the other performances, probably the class my girl should have been in. My daughter took a shine to the other little girl and broke the ice by offering a really nice, sincere compliment. The little girl smiled and they struck up one of the instant friendships that are so unique to being six. My girl showed more social savvy than I had until I was much older. She asked appropriate questions, shared appropriate amounts of information about herself, and expressed friendliness, kindness, and interested in her new friend.

Now, you may be annoyed with me for gloating so much about my own kid. You may think I'm laying it on a little too think. You're probably right. While I was writing, she held the dog captive in her bedroom until the poor thing peed on the floor. Maybe she's not perfect, but she's pretty amazing, anyway.

Make your parents proud, especially your mother. Proverbs 23:25

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