Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Truths and a Lie II

The lie was (b).  I actually have never gotten a speeding ticket, let alone two on one trip.  However, I cannot say that I never deserved one; I've had my share of lead-foot.  Anymore, though, it is a simple math exercise for me to acknowledge that if I'm late, speeding is not going to save me.  Even on a three hour trip, it's only a fifteen minute difference whether I drive 70 mph or 80 mph, but it could be a hundred dollar difference if I get a ticket.  Not worth it.

(a) On a visit from college, my mom had recently purchased a "Jars of Clay" CD that I listened to quite a bit while I was there.  It was in my stuff when I was packing up, and when I discovered it, I didn't bother to dig it out and return it, rationalizing that since she hadn't asked for it during the visit, my mom wouldn't notice it gone, anyway.  My rationale was blown a couple weeks later when she brought it up during a phone call.  In a moment of uncharacteristic grace, however, she turned my theft into a gift, telling me I could keep the CD.

(c) Winning the town's festival queen title after high school graduation gave me a valuable feeling of connection to my hometown during my otherwise homeless first year of college. The organizers were non-communicative while I was away, even though I had offered my contact information. I enjoyed reading up on the local news through the newspaper subscription I'd won from them, though, and the year went by. When school got out and I was able to return, I found out I'd been entirely written out from ever having even won the title. I contacted them, but they didn't want to deal with me, so I showed up in my crown and sash when the new queen was to be crowned.  I was threatened with ejection if I caused a scene, but I never had any intention of doing more than just show up. In retrospect, that was certainly enough.

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