Friday, July 8, 2011

I’m hiding laundry in my trunk.

In the fabulous juggling act of life, I’ve been dropping a few balls lately.  To say that I’ve let the summer get away from me is an understatement.  Somehow my return to work after maternity leave converged with personal and family obligations, both planned and surprise, in a way that has left me with more on my plate than I can swallow; at least not in one sitting!  Added to that, I can be pretty negligent to my obligations this time of year anyway, because summer is the season I suck the marrow from, in order to survive the dark days of winter ahead.

The laundry thing started out innocently enough.  The house is listed, so we’re trying to keep the place spotless.  I think keeping dirty underwear out of site helps create a positive vibe for buyers.  Nothing says “utopia” like an empty laundry room, right?  So when we got back from my grandma’s service (just three, short weeks ago, mind you), I brought in each of the girls bags in succession to wash their clothes and put everything away.  Then I fell behind and my big duffle, a combined mess of my own and the baby’s clothes, was still riding around in the back of the minivan when we packed up again for a 4th of July weekend in Wisconsin.  We had a blast!  Unfortunately, in the days since our return, I have been too preoccupied with my kids and preparing for our summer program at church to empty the trunk and get our laundry done, so our fresh crop of dirties is languishing in the trunk on top of my previous duffle.

There have been a few awkward moments, since this whole laundry hiding thing began.  Every time they load groceries into my car, I feel an obligation to explain to the cart-boy why they are having to pile my purchases on top of our suitcases.  I don’t, but I feel like I should.  I have the same feeling when there’s a sudden chill at a ballgame and the girls dig through my bag and come back to the bleachers in an assortment of my dirty clothes.  Then there’s the odor.  Maybe it was a bathing suit?  Perhaps a towel?  Something back there got wet, and there’s nothing more refreshing on a day of 92 degrees and 89%  humidity than a wave of hot, musty stench rolling out to meet you when you slide open the door of your car.

I'm hauling more than kids back there!
So, I’ve still got two days of packed activity to live through, but I’ve requested a do-nothing day this weekend and I’m a hankering to remedy my laundry folly.  We’ll see how far I get before something more pressing distracts me – like making faces at the baby, eating Hawaiian Shaved Ice with the big girls, a showing, or Mr. Popper’s Penguins at the Drive-In.  I’m sure it will work out.  If not, pack extra underwear, girls, because it may be winter before we get caught up!

After Moses went down the mountain, he gave orders for the people to wash their clothes and make themselves acceptable to worship God. Exodus 19:14

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  1. I love the verses you find to accompany your confessions. You come up with a relevant verse every time -- even in the most extreme circumstances!