Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Turkey Time, Eh!

My husband and I went to Bennigan’s for lunch this week and both of us were enticed by the “Day-After-Thanksgiving” sandwich. It’s embarrassing when we order the same thing, so we coordinated, and he ordered it, while I ordered some other side item, so we could share the sandwich. I know I’m going to sound like an ad for the restaurant, but have you had this sandwich? Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, and turkey on a pretzel-bread bun. We ordered a side of sweet potato fries to finish off the feast. It was everything we thought it would be: a delicious preview of Thanksgiving to get us by for another month.

The idea that sandwich could tide us over until the fourth week of November completely backfired. I could think of nothing else for the rest of the afternoon. Turkey. Cranberries. Grandma Ella’s pickled beets. Green-bean casserole. So much for pickles and ice cream; I’ve been fantasizing about a feast that is still seven long weeks away.

I confessed to my husband that night. I don’t think I can wait; I am going to have to roast a turkey. It’s wrong. It’s unseasonal. We should be focused on pumpkins right now. But I cannot get that turkey breast and cranberry sauce out of my head.

Then I remembered the most important holiday on our North American-combo calendar: Canadian Thanksgiving! I’ve been told that my Southeast Michigan upbringing has left a permanent Northern imprint on my pronunciation, so why not embrace that “A”-enhanced culture? I’ve never tried Boxing Day and I’m unlikely to postpone our egg hunt to Easter Monday, but Canadian Thanksgiving…now that is a holiday I can embrace.

So, despite the three-week accumulation of housework I’ll have to overcome before guests can use my restroom or eat at my table, and the nap I will likely require while the turkey roasts - I guess I'm motivated by turkey when all else fails - we’ve invited a couple friends who seem to embrace our wacky sense of humor, and we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Canadians this year. Don’t worry, we will still do our patriotic duty and overeat again on November 25th.

You give your guests a feast in your house, and you serve a tasty drink that flows like a river. Psalm 36:8


  1. So funny! I love what we pregnant women will go through to satisfy our cravings! A few weeks ago I was craving white cake with white icing; I have not had this in years. I did not want to bake a whole cake as I would eventually be the one to eat nearly all of it. So, I went on a search for a piece of cake that I could have easily picked up if I was still living in San Diego. But, all my regular grocery stores in our small town did not have it. Jon, my husband, who is chef at Virginia Tech said he would bring me home a piece of carrot cake from work-would that be okay? Fine, I said. Well, three nights in a row he forgets the carrot cake. And I tell him that's fine, I really don't NEED any cake. But, I still can not get white cake out of my head. Then, Monday night comes and I am going to a potluck/meeting with some other artists in Giles County. They bring these beautiful, delicious dishes that seems like they spent their whole day slaving over and I bring white cupcakes with white icing from Food Lion. Well, I also brooght a nice cheesecake (also from Food Lion-I was busy that day). Ahhh...finally after more than a week I was able to eat my white cake and boy was it good!
    If we lived near you, Jon and I would come over and celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with you and your family. We have a sense of humor very similar to yours.
    I love your blog- I always ave so much fun reading it. Hope you are well.

  2. Thanks Cherie for commiserating with me! Your white cake with white frosting sounds really good - maybe with a scoop of chocolate ice cream! It's so nice to be over the first trimester queasies and be able to eat again!